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To reduce the potency of COVID-19, each member of the community needs to work together and cooperate to contain the spread of the highly contagious virus.

Having yourself jabbed and observing the minimum requirements such as social distancing, wearing masks and staying at home when you are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms make a huge difference in the ongoing initiatives to defeat COVID-19 and put an end, once and for all, to the pandemic.

Getting tested is also a critical element of the battle plan versus the virus, enabling individuals and authorities to take actions accordingly and monitor the rate by which it continues to spread and infect people.

More inspiring is how members of the communities continue to step up and help their neighbours, no matter how small, by sharing information that can save lives.

Users of the Raayi app, for example, leverage the platform’s curation feature to exchange data that is useful during this pandemic era. Habib Sultan, a Raayi user has utilised Raayi’s curation feature to list down key facilities in Dubai that offer PCR test home service. This is especially helpful to those who are already showing symptoms or who opt to avail themselves of home service and forgo the need to go to the testing centres.

Some of the outlets on the list include:

  • Neo-Science Group
  • Manzil Home Health Services
  • TruCare Clinics
  • Pure Health
  • Zulekha Hospital Dubai

To see Habib Sultan’s complete list and other important details, you may visit   

Since the virus hit in early 2020, Dubai, along with the rest of the global community, has made significant progress in its efforts to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. Many countries have put in place a system that ensures people have access to COVID-19 vaccines and tests, as well as empowers them through education to keep themselves healthy and safe under the present circumstances.

The UAE is one of the countries in the world with commendable and robust infrastructure to fight the pandemic. Making COVID-19 tests readily available is helping accelerate the Emirates’ efforts to defeat the virus.