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Movember is here! This November, the global charity movement is once again putting the spotlight on men’s health, from prostate and testicular cancer to mental health and suicide prevention, in the hope of stirring meaningful conversations and actions around these sensitive health issues.

The campaign encourages men to grow a moustache to bring attention to the biggest health concerns facing them today.  This is especially crucial since men—our fathers, spouses, partners, brothers, and friends—are uncomfortable talking about what ails them.

According to its website, Movember’s mission is aims to bring down premature male deaths by 25 percent before the year 2030. Through global donations, the movement, which began in 2003, has already funded at least 1,200 projects to save and improve the lives of men worldwide. And its activities around the world continue.

Different countries celebrate Movember annually to raise global awareness as well as increase support for the cause.

In the UAE, numerous businesses have joined the campaign by hosting exciting activities throughout November. BLK Cab Central offers its customers a free bowl of doughnut balls if they sport a moustache, while laundry company Washmen has pledged to donate a percentage of all its Wash and Fold bag sales to help fund prostate cancer research and awareness.

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