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Today, authentic online customer reviews play a major role in our purchasing decision. Before making a purchase, many customers tend to rely on experiences of others and as a result their decision to buy becomes greatly influenced by the claims of previous customers.  

Apart from influencing purchasing decisions, customer reviews bring numerous other benefits to companies such as boosting their ranking on search platforms, bolstering their website traffic, and building better customer relations. These benefits are the reason businesses scramble to collect reviews on their products and services.

If you are a business owner, how do you convince your customers to leave reviews about their experiences? Getting genuine and honest customer reviews can be tricky, but there are numerous ways to do this. We have collated some of the simple strategies and the best practices that you can implement below:

  1. Asking them directly: This is perhaps the most straightforward approach. You can ask customers, post-purchase, to give their comments and feedback to help future shoppers. Many of them are often more than willing to share their reviews. You just need to ask. It is best to send follow-up emails or review requests immediately after purchase to ensure that the experience is still fresh on their minds.     
  2. Creating an easy process for reviews: Leaving reviews should be a simple and swift experience. Avoid complicated procedures that may take too much of your customer’s time.

Showing your appreciation: Equally important is to extend your appreciation and gratitude to your customers who have left their reviews, whether positive or negative feedback. Handling negative reviews can be tricky but managing them well by showing understanding and a willingness to improve can leave readers with a lasting positive impression. Customer reviews are becoming increasingly significant, to the point where business owners and entrepreneurs cannot afford to overlook them. Businesses that understand how to leverage reviews to their advantage can translate the benefits into greater business potential. Get your customers to do your marketing for you!