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Did you know that about 95% of customers read reviews before making any given purchase? Interestingly, about 54% of them go to a business’ website immediately after reading a positive review while 72% won’t take any buying action until they’ve read reviews. It is safe to say that reviews can be critical to a business’s success.

Thanks to the internet, customers readily share their experiences and thoughts about products and services online with the intent of empowering others to make more informed purchasing decisions. When people recommend or endorse a company, the impact helps propel business growth. However, when people do the exact opposite, it can be quite detrimental to business performance. Either way, reviews can help make or break a business. Such is their power and influence.

Aside from its impact on customer decisions, a positive customer review also impacts brand profile and reputation; elements that are vital to any company. Furthermore, reviews help pave the way for effective and more interactive company-customer relations by allowing customers to suggest areas of improvement and enabling a business to respond accordingly. Businesses then use this customer feedback to improve their products, services, processes and even systems, which ultimately helps improve customer happiness and satisfaction.

Many virtual platforms and mobile applications now enable people to leave their reviews and comments. Companies also encourage them to share their experiences. A user-generated review significantly boosts the trustworthiness of an establishment or an outlet.

In Dubai, Raayi, which means my opinion in Arabic, is a fun, social, and useful platform that connects users to varied businesses through a one-stop shop for reliable business information and reviews across all industries.  On the one hand, it lets its users share their opinions and suggestions to help others. On the other hand, it gives businesses the means to engage and converse with their audiences.

In short, the cross-industry app, which is available on both iOS and Android, is by the community, for the community.  The UAE’s first comprehensive platform connects businesses from all industries to communities and customers, Raayi goes beyond mere word of mouth by giving credible and genuine reviews from diverse users for the benefit of both consumers and businesses. Today, brands earning positive reviews from satisfied and happy customers are well-positioned to generate repeat clients as well as acquire new ones. Therefore, reviews ultimately help a business improve its growth prospects, create a competitive market edge and most importantly, grow its bottom line.