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Expo 2020 Dubai is the biggest international extravaganza since the pandemic started, making history along the way as it provides participants a platform to build a better and more sustainable future for all.

With the goal of ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’, the Expo showcases the cultural heritage, beauty, uniqueness and innovations of 192 participating countries while offering the best entertainment to its millions of visitors and participants from all over the world.

There are many things to do at the Expo. To maximise your experience in this must-visit mammoth event, here are some tips and tricks below for you and your families and friends to try and check out. Hopefully these recommendations make it easier and more convenient for you to explore the Expo and everything it has to offer.

Scan a parking QR

Getting lost is no fun at all and a waste of time.By scanning a parking QR, you save time as the system lets you know what bus and bus stop you need to use.

Smart queue

Avoid long lines and the crowd by downloading the Expo’s mobile app. You can use Smart Queue to book a time slot to visit participating pavilions and attractions.

Utilise the Careem bikes

Go around the Expo site easily using a Careem bike. Docking stations are located in different parts of the venue.

Try out quality but affordable food and coffee

Don’t want to go beyond your budget? Quality but affordable restaurants and coffee shops are available at the Expo. IKEA cafe at Sweden Pavilion is one of our top recommendations along with affordable dishes available at the Talabat hall. Furthermore, order and eat food under AED 10 at Al Baik.

Check out also some of the free stuff being offered at the event. For instance, you can try out the coffee at the Ethiopia and Rwanda Pavilions as well as Ceylon tea at the Sri Lanka Pavilion free of charge. Additionally, you can visit the Aquafina DROP outlet in the Sustainability district where visitors can refill their water bottles.

Free Expo Day Pass

You can claim your free Expo Day Pass if you purchase airline tickets from Emirates, Etihad Airways or Fly Dubai.

Stay safe

Lastly, follow all the safety and health protocols enforced at the Expo site. Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card with you when you go to the event. The Expo is a once-in-a-lifetime global gathering. Don’t miss out on all the fun!