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As a parent, building strong bonds with your kids is one of the best things for their overall growth and development. Spending time with them, getting to know their likes and dislikes and doing things together, no matter how mundane, are in and of itself a rewarding experience. 

Your bonding moments are not only strengthening your relationships but are also bolstering their confidence and resilience– qualities that can help them well into adulthood. And what better time to have these moments than during school breaks.

You can initiate a myriad of activities to build closer ties and keep them busy while on vacation. For instance, you can teach them a new simple life skill, show them how to make their beds, play board games with them, or prepare simple snacks together. Engage in simple activities together that will spark their imagination, reveal their interest and enrich their ability to think critically, and help them be responsible and independent at an early age. 

You can show interest in their favourite television shows or movies, read books to them and ask them about their thoughts on certain things. In every activity, make them feel that they are heard, seen and valued.

To satiate their boundless energy, participating in outdoor activities is also another way to bond with your children. Going to the park or mall or catching a ball are all fun activities that your kids would surely love. You can also take part in different family-oriented events in your communities and visit places where they can play freely. You may even teach them your childhood games or encourage them to invent their own.

Be creative! The time you spend with them is the period that they will cherish forever.

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