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Dubai, as a cosmopolitan city, is many things to different people. It is a must-visit global tourist destination for many and a business and investment hub for others. For shopaholics, it is a shopping haven.

Arguably, when it comes to the diversity of offerings made by jewellers, designers and artisans from the Gulf region and worldwide, nothing can beat the emirate’s sprawling shopping malls, outdoor markets and world-famous traditional souks. The ‘Shopping Capital of the Middle East’ is also known for its massive seasonal sales that never fail to attract both domestic and global tourists year in and year out.   

One of Dubai’s most well-known shopping events is the ongoing Ripe Market, a weekly community market that caters to shoppers of all ages. It is set up indoors this year at different schedules in various sites, including The Springs Souk, Nakheel Mall, Times Square Centre, Circle Mall JVC, and Me’aisam city centre. Small businesses mostly take part in the Ripe Market to help showcase their products.

When visiting this community market, you will not be disappointed by the featured products, live entertainment and other activities. You can check out a myriad of items such as handcrafted jewellery, artworks and crafts, kids’ toys, handbags, accessories, garments, beauty and skincare, homeware, and much more. For food lovers, you can choose from numerous dining options available on the site after purchasing your choice of fresh produce and organic local fruits and vegetables.

Besides live music, you may also opt to join various workshops, fitness events and educational activities organised for both kids and adults.

After shopping, don’t keep your best finds to yourselves! share your most exciting purchases and experiences at the Ripe Market through Raayi, our leading recommendations and reviews platform. Doing so not only helps guide other Ripe Market visitors, but also promotes those small local businesses that deserve greater recognition. Moreover, Raayi platform offers its curation feature to let you create your list of recommendations to guide other users. 

If you are looking for the best way to spend the weekend with your families and friends, then explore every nook and cranny of the Ripe Market.

Enjoy shopping!