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Studies have proven that customer reviews can impact brands in profound ways that can either make or break a business. Recognizing the influence of reviews, many companies have aimed to consistently score genuine glowing reviews – thereby boosting their reputation to retain old customers and win new ones.  

But how does one get an excellent customer rating? Businesses have resorted to various tactics, but all of them boil down to this: a positive customer experience.

Customer experience, CX for short, is a holistic experience that begins with an individual’s first point of contact with the brand and ends with the after-sales. It is considered a top brand differentiator that always gives a company an edge over its competitors. 

We have collated some of the ways to achieve CX that matters. Following these basic measures will not only deliver positive reviews for your business but will also impact your brand’s market positioning to help reach your desired growth and development.  

  • Know your customers: This is the most basic of all steps. Accurately profiling your customers entails keeping up with and understanding their evolving needs. It is only through this that you can perfectly align your relevant processes with their demands.
  • Build emotional connection: According to a report released by the Journal of Consumer Research, more than 50% of an experience is anchored on emotions that can drive decisions, highlighting the fact that you are not just selling products or services. You must emphasize that your main concern is to help your customers obtain the most appropriate and satisfactory solutions possible.
  • Make your customers feel that their voices are heard: This is especially significant when addressing complaints. It is vital to make your customers feel that what they think matters and that you’re genuinely concerned about their satisfaction and happiness. Let them know at the onset that their needs are your priority. As much as possible, get their feedback in real-time to enable you to respond while their experiences are still fresh.
  • Rollout relevant technologies backed by human touch: Today, technologies are now intricately part of our lives. Investing and deploying tools that elevate experience is critical. But equally vital is to make them feel that they are not just simply interacting with machines. Inject the element of human touch and interaction in every stage of the customer journey. This approach may deliver that five-star rating you have been aiming for.

Your most satisfied and most disgruntled customers are likely to be the ones to voice their opinions. As a business, providing an outstanding CX can bring about happy customers, and with it numerous benefits for your brand. CX is a unique proposition that will help you stand out from your closest competitors.