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Dubai is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the world. From fashion and technology to banking and hospitality, from healthcare and fintech to construction and transport; businesses across all sectors have set up their offices in Dubai. Thanks to the ease of starting a business in the emirate, new entrepreneurs are now lining up to establish their start-ups. Procuring a business license, registering an enterprise and finding investors is all streamlined in Dubai. With the emirate introducing more ambitious reforms to make it easy for expats to do business; it has become a start-up hub for the world in general.

Over the years, Dubai has been making consistent effort to attract participation from international start-up founders. With the intention of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Dubai Chambers established the Dubai Start-up Hub in 2016. It was the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East and North Africa region and envisioned entrepreneurship as a key driver in boosting the economy. The initiative offers a multi-programme platform for entrepreneurs from across the globe to discover business prospects in Dubai, transforming the city into a new hotspot for entrepreneurs to innovate and scale. In addition to substantial Government support, Dubai has also been witnessing a growth in the incubators and accelerators like Turn8, ImpactHub, Astrolabs Dubai and In5; enabling it achieve a top position as a start-up hub on the global map.

Dubai has established itself as the primary destination for tech start-ups that want to access developing markets. With a growing population, a diverse range of customer demographics and easy access of top tier talent, Dubai fosters an ecosystem that is perfectly suited for innovative tech start-ups. With the right level of infrastructure, various options of free zones, availability of long-term visas and opportunity for 100% foreign ownership, the emirate in my view is the ideal location for entrepreneurs embarking on their new ventures. The ease to set up business has encouraged several founders from around the world to call Dubai home, including all of us here at Raayi.

When the company started, we knew the road ahead was uncertain, but we also knew that Dubai is a place where new ideas are accepted and nurtured and will no doubt play a critical role in their journey ahead!