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Our daily lives have been transformed drastically during these unprecedented times, forcing us to adapt to changes indefinitely. From meeting up with friends, buying groceries to sending our children back to school, protocols have been put in place to maintain a safe environment for all of us.

In Dubai, schools have been implemented new policies before the opening of the upcoming academic year. We have gathered some basic back-to-school tips here to help you prepare before sending your kids to school. The tips are based on the guide issued by the Department of Education and Knowledge. We encourage that you visit its website to get the full details.

1. Know the school’s reopening model: Schools are given the option to adopt these models: full return, partial return, and distance learning. Coordinate with the school management to know which one of these models they are implementing.

2. Check the test and vaccination requirements: The Department of Education and Knowledge has categorised the requirements into three, namely PCR testing, vaccination, and for those who travelled abroad during the summer. Thoroughly review the specifications to better prepare. If applicable, download the AlHosn app to confirm your children’s vaccination status.

3. Review the school’s newly implemented protocols: These include the entry, pick-up and school visit procedures, screening and contact tracing, physical distancing arrangements, and school bus protocols. Making sure you and your children are fully aware of the school’s procedures will prevent any confusion and misunderstanding.

All of us have the responsibility to guarantee the wellbeing of everyone in the community. Under the present circumstances, it pays to be prepared to ensure the safety of our children.